University of Gothenburg
Photo: Mikael Gustafsson

About us

The Center for Health and Performance is on the path to becoming an internationally recognized research center in the field of health promotion and sport performance.

Through a multidisciplinary approach and in close collaboration with national and international stakeholders from both academia, the public health sector and the sports community our purpose is to strengthen the areas of knowledge in physical activity, sports, nutrition, performance development and health promotion.

Our research projects contribute to new guidelines and recommendations for the health sector as well as the development of new products for the industry. We also support local sports clubs and global federations on injury prevention, nutrition, performance development and testing of athletes.

Our multidisciplinary approach is integrated into the Center activities. It is showcased on how we utilize the methodological competencies and methods primarily used for promoting sports performance and health into other areas such as medicine, physiotherapy and engineering.

Historical development and current status of CHP

In 2017 CHP was established as an official Center at University of Gothenburg as a collaboration between Department of Food and Nutrition and Sport Science, Faculty of Education and Sahlgrenska Academy. 

A center at Gothenburg University is expected to be multidisciplinary and as such has a complementary function to departments and other units. A center is an open meeting place where both external and university-based parties are given the opportunity for dialogue and collaboration within the framework of the center's activities. At least two faculties are involved in each university-wide center.

Research, testing and collaboration activities have since the start continuously been aiming at increasing the scientific output and public outreach. In 2018 an internal SWOT analysis was performed to identify key areas to be developed in order to increase our excellence and relevance as a national and international partner.

Evaluation of the Center activities

The SWOT yet plays a role in the design and decision of which areas to strengthen but it has now been complemented by the mandatory external evaluation of CHP. The evaluation showed the “CHP activities point to a multifaceted work, including multidisciplinary research but also highly developed forms of collaboration with partners outside the academic world to implement the research in an applied form” and that the scientific production/senior staff is “a extremely high number compared to other institutions”.

Topp 100 in Shanghai ranking of Sport Science Schools and Departments

Further proof that creating a Center for Health and Performance was fruitful came with the Shanghai Global Ranking of Sport Science Schools and Departments, where Gothenburg University clinched a top 100 position. 

Follow our activities

Each year we publish a yearly report covering Education, Research, Collaborations and Scientific output. The annual report for 2020 (in Swedish) and the evaluation shows how the work continues to develop the Center and that the steps forward are well within aims and goals set up during the establishment of the center; The purpose of CHP is to strengthen the areas of knowledge - physical activity, sports, nutrition, performance development and health promotion - at the intersection of traditional disciplines and where health and performance development are the focus. 

During the pandemic year 2020 CHP scientific output was almost 40 Peer-Reviewed Publications in Scientific Journals.