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At CHP, we have established several interdisciplinary research groups and collaborations within Sport, Physical Activity and Nutrition with a health and performance perspective.

As a Center, our researchers are tied to either the host, Department of Food and Nutrition and Sport Science or the Co-host Medical Faculty of Sahlgrenska. It adds to our multidisciplinary approach and opens for more international research collaborations between various disciplines, and contributes to our scientific performance in terms of the number of peer-reviewed publications and scientific presentations.
The host departments to CHP have different key competencies that offer a possibility to cover a research question from a complementary perspective.

Department of Food and Nutrition and Sport Science adds their research expertise on food, nutrition and Sport science, while the co-host Faculty of Medicine adds their research on Medicine, Nutrition and rehabilitation. 

Our Research Environment

The research at CHP have been organised into a Research environment; Physical Activity, Health and Performance (PAHP).

An interdisciplinary research environment for Physical Activity, Health and Performance (PAHP)

This environment encompasses different research groups with a topic such as physical activity and health, method development in accelerometry, injury prevention, biomechanics, sports performance, sports nutrition, training and match analysis, sports for health. It performs research in collaboration with other research groups, departments, faculties and universities nationally and internationally, as well as with sports organizations, health care and industry/companies. 

Our portfolio of projects showcases how we address different research questions and open new perspectives and possibilities for various stakeholders.