University of Gothenburg


a transdisciplinary characterization of, and new methodology for, a multiply disadvantaged and vulnerable patient group.

FORevidence seeks to provide a basis for the development of evidence-based practice in Swedish forensic psychiatry. It comprises four Main Aims:

  1. to determine important areas for intervention,
  2. to clarify preconditions for, importance and implications of user involvement,
  3. to develop, adapt and evaluate treatment methods for forensic psychiatry, and
  4. to initiate a national platform for transdisciplinary forensic psychiatric research in Sweden.

FORevidence employs a unique transdisciplinary approach with emphasis on diversity, user involvement, and knowledge transfer between patients, healthcare providers, general society and scientists. Its focus is on development and evaluation of new interventions including modern technology, and close collaboration between science and clinical practice. FORevidence incorporates nine research projects and a transdisciplinary research platform, all described separately.

FORevidence is financed by the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (FORTE), Dnr. 2018-01409.

Programme principal investigator: Märta Wallinius, Assoc. Prof.

Project principal investigators:
Peter Andiné, Professor
Malin Hildebrand Karlén, Associate Professor
Björn Hofvander, Associate Professor
Ulrica Hörberg, Associate Professor
Christian Munthe, Professor:
Thomas Nilsson, Professor
Mikael Rask, Associate Professor



An evaluation of the Swedish version of CANFOR-SR and assessment of level of needs in forensic psychiatric patients.


Care, treatment, and rehabilitation in forensic psychiatry (CAREFOR):
a prospective, longitudinal study on psychiatric symptoms, physical health, biomarkers,
and clinical outcome.


Ethical aspects of patient-staff collaborative strategies in forensic psychiatric care.


Psychological treatment using Virtual Reality in
forensic psychiatry.


Women in forensic psychiatric care.


Mental health care needs in forensic psychiatric patients.


National platform for forensic psychiatric research in Sweden.


User involvement in forensic psychiatric care.