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The University of Gothenburg is one of the country's largest universities within the arts. At our Faculty, we have an internationally, unique breadth of artistic subjects at the undergraduate and advanced level, as well as on doctoral level.

New visions and other perspectives

The need for critical perspectives and new visions for a more sustainable society is as great as the need for answers and solutions. Our students are involved in creating ideas about, and conditions for the future. We are convinced that art and culture play a role in meeting the challenges and in changing society.

Video (01:21)
Inga Söring on the Master's programme in Fine Arts
Video (2:09)
Teacher Education in Dance
Video (2:44)
Symphonic Orchestra Performance, master's programme
Video (03:45)
Bachelor's programme in Metal Art at Steneby
Video (2:23:55)
Final production by our opera students
Video (1:25)
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Opera