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University of Gothenburg


Gothenburg Knowledge Lab has different forms of collaborations with different actors.

The Unit for Pedagogical development and Interactive Learning (PIL) at the University of Gothenburg

The PIL unit offers an arena for collaboration where the faculties are given opportunities to jointly develop teaching at the University of Gothenburg in accordance with university-wide strategies. The unit’s assignments include, for example, participating in the university’s quality work in order to develop and strengthen the higher education pedagogical competence and ability to vary the teaching methods, to assist the faculties in matters of higher education pedagogy and interactive learning and to announce, prepare and decide on university-wide higher education projects and follow up and document the effects of these initiatives.

In this work, Knowledge Lab has been able to contribute with competencies concerning higher education pedagogical development as well as resources and activities to support it. The PIL unit also refers to the Knowledge Lab when they are unable to assist with support for pedagogical development, for example in more extensive projects.

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Chalmers Professional Education

Chalmers Professional Education is Chalmers’ organization for developing and offering training for professionals in businesses. They offer open and company-adapted training and seminars for managers and employees in their main areas of Industrial Engineering, Shipping, Executive and Energy. The courses are designed in accordance with the needs and requirements of the business community. The goal is to provide the business community with world-leading knowledge in technology-related areas of knowledge. During the autumn of 2011, several collaborations were started up within the framework of the Knowledge Lab, where the lab can contribute valuable competence in, above all, distance-based educational approaches.

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