SAMSKAG: Marine protected areas as a means of climate adaptation of Skagerrak ecosystems

Research project

Short description

Marine ecosystems are impacted by fisheries, habitat loss, run-off from agriculture, and other activities in the catchment area. These drivers interact with and are exacerbated by anthropogenic global warming. This project will compile the best available information on nature-based solutions for conservation and restoration of ecosystem functions and services, with a focus on Skagerrak. Ongoing and planned marine protected areas, MPAs, will be evaluated. Information on potential synergies with ocean wind mills and sustainable utilization of biological production under climate change will also be compiled. The aim is to provide consensus-based advice on appropriate size and placement of spatial management measures (MPAs), as a means of climate adaptation of marine ecosystems and as integral components in a sustainable future ocean economy.

Project goals

  1. Knowledge building, including pilot projects, about rebuilding ecosystem functions, and through this strengthen the potential for sustainable harvesting.
    Responsible partner: Norwegian Institute of Marine Research
  2. Possible changes in the marine economy under new climate conditions.
    Responsible partner: 
    National Institute of Aquatic Resources, DTU Aqua
  3. Study on the effect of networks of marine conservation areas as measures for more robust and productive ecosystems.
    Responsible partners: University of Gothenburg & 
    Department of Aquatic Resources, SLU Aqua