Marie Stenseke


Human Geography
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411 25 Göteborg
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Box 625
405 30 Göteborg

About Marie Stenseke

I am full professor in human geography and deputy dean at the School of business, economics and law. My research concerns biodiversity, nature conservation and landscape management from a social science perspective. I am leading the research group Nature-society relations in a landscape perspective, at the Human Geography Unit. I have been involved in a large number of national and international research projects and programs, and engage with knowledge communication through various special commissions, e.g.

- Deputy dean of the School of Business, Economics and Law, at the University of Gothenburg

- Fellow of The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry

- Member of Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s Council for Biodiversity and Ecosystem services

- Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences national committee for global environmental change

- Member of the board for the Foundation Future Earth Sweden

- Chair of the Steering board for Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Center, GGBC

- Co-chair, Multidisciplinary Expert Panel of Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services (IPBES) 2015-2022

- Vice President of The Permanent European Conference on the Study of the Rural Landscape (PECSRL), 2006 –2012, member of the board 2012-2022

- Member of the board for Swedish Research Council FORMAS 2013-2018

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Research areas

  • Rural land use planning and management
  • Nature conservation management and planning
  • Nature based outdoor recreation
  • Public participation
  • Landscape research

Teaching areas

  • Landscape research
  • Environmental planning
  • Physical planning

Selected publications

Hill, R., Díaz, S., Pascual, U., Stenseke, M., Molnár, Z., & Van Velden, J. (2021). Nature's contributions to people: Weaving plural perspectives. One Earth, 4(7), 910-915..

Stenseke, M. (2020). All-ecology–Hägerstrand’s thinking about human-environment interactions. Landscape Research, 45(6), 687-698.

Diaz, S., Pascual, U., Stenseke, M., Martin-Lopez, B., Watson, R. T., Molnár, Z., ... Shirayama, Y. (2018): Assessing nature’s contributions to people. Science, 359(6373), 270-272.

Stenseke M & Larigauderie A (2017): The role, importance and challenges of social sciences and humanities in the work of the Intergovernmental science-policy platform on biodiversity and ecosystem services (IPBES). Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research.

Head, L., Saltzman, K., Setten, G. & Stenseke M. (eds) (2017). Nature, Temporality and Environmental management: Scandinavian and Australian perspectives on peoples and landscapes. Oxford: Routledge.