Kajsa Hansen Yang


Department of Education and Special
Visiting address
Västra Hamngatan 25
41117 Göteborg
Room number
A2 432
Postal address
Box 300
40530 Göteborg

About Kajsa Hansen Yang

Research interests My primary research interest is educational equity and achievement differences. One of the issues I try to address is why there are significant differences between school outcomes in certain countries, while these differences are minor in other countries. Student’s family social background also play a differentiated role regarding school outcome in different countries. Swedish society and school systems, like many other countries, have undergone major changes. The question of how these changes affect educational equity has become an inevitable extension in my research under recent years.

To answer these questions, I have used data from large international and national surveys, such as PIRLS, TIMSS, PISA and UGU. The large-scale data materials require special analytical approaches, e.g. multilevel analysis and latent variable modelling. Methodological issues have become another of my main interests.

Teaching interests Research methods in pedagogical measurement and basic and advanced statistics are subjects of my teaching. I also like to teach the topics within educational sociology, especially about the interplay between social and educational inequalities from an international perspective.

Keywords Educational equity, comparative pedagogy, sociology of education, Socioeconomic status, educational measurement, multilevel analysis, latent variables, structural equation modelling


Research programmes and projects

Forskning om Utbildningsresultat (FUR)

School, learning and mental health: determinants, consequences and prevention of school failure (SLANT)

Co-Constructing Mathematics Motivation in Primary Education. A Longitudinal Study in Six European Countries (MathMot)

Quantitative Research Methods in Education (QRM)

Changes in the compensatory abilities in supporting academic resilience in Swedish schools over time (COMPASS)

Changes in Opportunity to Learning: Trends in Swedish Pupils’ Outcomes in International Large-scale Survey Studies over Time (CHOICE).

Changes in educational policy for Swedish upper secondary school during two decades: Consequences for distribution of school resources, recruitment and outcomes (CHANCE)

CESS: Causes and Effects of School Segregation in Swedish Schools

Organizational Differentiation and Educational Inequality in Different School Systems.

SOLO - Sambandet mellan social bakgrund och läsprestation i olika länder