Johan Boman

Senior Advisor

Visiting address
Rosenlundsgatan 4
41120 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 100
40530 Göteborg

Professor Emeritus

Department of Chemistry & Molecular Biology
Visiting address
Medicinaregatan 7 B
41390 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 462
40530 Göteborg

About Johan Boman

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Medicinaregatan 7B (research) och Rosenlundsgatan 4 (sustainability unit)


J. Boman’s research at University of Gothenburg (UGOT) lies in the intersection of environmental science, physics and chemistry, with special focus on air and life quality in urban areas in low and middle-income countries. Most of the projects are centered on application of the Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) analysis technique. This is a nondestructive, multi-elemental technique were elements can be detected down to picogram levels. Applications are mainly dealing with field measurement studies of the air quality in several parts of the world. The research has been financed by Swedish international development agency (Sida) and the research council (VR) for studies in Kenya, Egypt and Burkina Faso. He arranged workshops in Gothenburg (2014) and Nairobi (2015) on Air and Life Quality Development in Nairobi and other Sub-Saharan Africa cities. Funded by SSEESS and Gothenburg Atmospheric Science Centre. In May 2013 he gave a PhD course in Atmospheric science at the Center for Environmental Science, University of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and was a member of the VR-funded collaboration project “Photochemical Smog in China – Formation, transformation, impact and abatement strategies".

He headed the Swedish partners in the EU-financed Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliances project “Competencies for A sustainable Socio Economic development” (CASE) (2015-2017) where a new Master’s program was drafted and online sustainability tools were developed. He coordinated the sustainable development education efforts of the Science faculty at UGOT and was part of the team with similar tasks at the Centre for Sustainable Development (GMV) in Gothenburg.

He has published over 150 peer-reviewed papers in international journals.


  • Editor-in-Chief of X-Ray Spectrometry
  • Outstanding peer reviewer 2020 for Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts
  • Professor Boman is an evaluator of international research project proposals
  • Co-organizer of European Aerosol Conference 2019
  • Member of the European X-ray Spectrometry Association
  • Chair of the European Conference on X-Ray Spectrometry (EXRS2016), in Gothenburg, June 2016
  • Chair of the local organisation committee and member of the scientific committee for World Environmental Education Congress in Göteborg, June 2015
  • Coordinator of the Masters program Atmosphere, Climate and Ecosystems at UGOT for many years
  • Main organizer and chair of the 13th TXRF conference in Göteborg, Sweden in June 2009.
  • Head of Atmospheric Science Division, Department of Chemistry and molecular biology, University of Gothenburg, January 2007 – 2020
  • Member of the steering committee of Chalmers Faculty Club, Göteborg, 2007 – 2017
  • Organiser of the 1st workshop on “Environmental challenges of Egypt – Assessment of some Inorganic pollutants in Cairo’s Air Using X-ray Fluorescence Techniques” in Cairo, Egypt. July 2010.


Holds a position as senior advisor at the sustainability section at the Property and sustainable development unit at UGOT. The task involvs teacher support for education for sustainable development.