Evert Ljungström

About Evert Ljungström

Research We spend most of our time, typically more than 90% indoors. The quality of indoor air is therefore of great importance for our health and well-being. We study how noxious products are formed through chemical reactions indoorts between pollutants in the ventilation air and substances emitted indoors. Formation of aerosol particles and peroxyacetyl nitrate have been investigated. Work on indoor formation of exotic substances the effect on air quality was earlier supported by Formas. A new field of research that is explored together with Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Sahlgrenska Academy, is exhaled particles. These particles are generated in the bronchioles and carry information about the medical status of the subject generating the particles. So far, surface active compounds such as phosphatidylcholine, surfactant proteines and glutathione (unpublished) have been identified in the particles.

Teaching Preparatory Science (Naturvetenskapligt basår kemi) NBAK 20 * Inorganic chemistry KEM05 Atmospheric chemistry KEM170 * Pollutant dispersion and effects on biological systems (Föroreningars spridning och effekter på biologiska system) ES1305 Aerosols KEM720 * som kursansvarig Commissions member of the National chemicals substitution group Qualifications • GUP-id: 11340 • ResearcherID A-7739-2010