Eva Reimers


Unit for General Didactics and Pedagogic
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Läroverksgatan 15
41120 Göteborg
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About Eva Reimers

Eva Reimers is a professor of Pedagogic Practices at the Department of Didactics and Pedagogical Profession, University of Gothenburg, and Associate Professor in Communication at Linköping University.She earned a PhD in 1995 with the thesis Infant Baptism as Cult and Culture. Images of Infant Baptism in Baptismal Conversations and Interviews.

Research Interests The common aspect of Eva Reimer's research, whether it's about teacher education, preschool, rites, grief or media is a strong interest in how norms are repeated, consolidated, challenged and changed. The theoretical foundation is within post-structural and discourse-theoretical perspectives, not least queer-perspective and intersectionality. She is also interested in posthumanism and other perspectives that highlight the importance of the material, place and emotions.

Research Projects Eva Reimer's research primarily concerns two areas: research on education and research on death and grief. In the field of educational science she has studied; the heterosexual norm in school and teacher education; class in relation to neo-liberal education discourses; education for child-minders and preschool teachers in relation to class, care and education; cultural heritage, religion and tradition in preschool; and teachers' meetings with unaccompanied refugee children. Eva Reimer's ongoing project is entitled "School in society - students, teachers and school leaders as political subjects". The project is funded by the Swedish Research Council and studies what enables students, teachers and school leaders to act politically based on their positions in the school.Common to all these projects is that the knowledge contributions are intended to form the basis for shaping a more equal and inclusive preschool and school. The research on death and bereavement originated in her PhD Project which focused on rites and identity, as well as in her background as a religious scholar. In Death Studies, she has studied the funerals of migrants; media representations of death and grief (the shipwreck of M/S Estonia and the murder of Fadime Sahindal); how norms around death, grief, gender, family and sexuality both enable and limit people's ability to understand themselves and be affirmed by others, as mourners; as well as norms linked to burial sites.

Teaching Eva Reimers teaches sex and relationship education and norm perspectives at the teacher program, and she supervises and examines degree projects at the same program. She is also active in postgraduate education as a teacher and supervisor.