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Josephine T. V. Greenbrook


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Om Josephine T. V. Greenbrook


Background Josephine T. V. Greenbrook is a psychologist - turned sociologist - turned medical ethicist and legal scholar, who ended up writing a doctoral thesis in law. Her work is inherently interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary. Her research and teaching cover a broad spectrum of the medical humanities and social sciences; including medical jurisprudence, practical ethics, medical psychology, medical sociology, medical anthropology, migration medicine, transcultural medicine, and medical education. She explores the social sciences, medicine, and the law, navigating the liminal spaces between these fields, with a specific focus on highlighting humanity and the socio-cultural (in all its complexity) in medical contexts and medical education.


Qualifications MSc Mental Health Psychology (University of Liverpool) LLM Medical Law and Ethics (University of Edinburgh) MSc Sociology (University of Gothenburg) MEd Teaching in Higher Education (Dissertation pending - University of Gothenburg) PhD(c) in Medical Law (University of Edinburgh)

Responsibilities & Affiliations Josephine is an accredited lecturer at Sahlgrenska Academy in scientific theory, empirical research methods, research ethics and regulation, medical ethics and bioethics, medical jurisprudence and human rights in medicine, transcultural medicine and psychiatry, clinical empathy, and medical sociology (among other things).

Josephine is also the Deputy Director of the Mason Institute for Medicine Life Sciences and the Law, at the School of Law, University of Edinburgh. Additionally, she serves as an external expert consultant in empirical methods, as well as in research ethics and regulation, and humanitarian global health biothics on multiple international research projects. Further, she is active in forwarding empirical findings in applied settings, engaging with the public both in medicine, healthcare, and the humanitarian sector.

Research Summary Areas of research include migration medicine (primarily undocumented migration), physicians' pathway development, medical jurisprudence, human rights in medicine, transcultural psychiatry, medical ethics and bioethics, clinical empathy, sexual and reproductive health rights, medical sociology, psychometrics, humanistic medicine, transcultural encounters in healthcare and higher education, global health emergencies, and the decolonisation of research ethics and methods in health research.

Current Research Interests Josephine currently researches physicians, throughout their careers, at all stages, in all contexts. She is interested in how context and structure influence their behaviour in everyday praxis, focusing on legal consciousness, identity development, interpersonal neurobiology, applied medical ethics, transcultural care provision, and clinical empathy (among other things). Her research also explores biopsychosocial health and illness in the context of undocumented migration; focusing on the experiences of people living as undocumented migrants, and their intersection with healthcare institutions and health care professionals. Further, she is involved in multiple research projects covering global health, where she focuses on structural and systemic violence and its impact on health, sexual reproductive health rights, gender equality, mental health, social cohesion, and the decolonisation of research ethics and methods. Past research project have covered humanistic psychology and pluralistic psychotherapy, social movements in health, person-centered medicine, psychometrics, and the psychosocial impacts of stillbirth.