A student performing on stage
Photo: Natalie Greppi

Admission tests

Apply to the Master's programme in Contemporary Performative Arts with a personal project idea in the field of acting/performance. The project idea should be written on max three A4 pages.

In addition to the project idea itself, you should also enclose a CV and a personal letter. You should also add audio files, video clips or other material to your application (1 - 3 items).

If the admission group so decides, the applicant is then called for an interview. At the interview, the applicant is expected to account for her/his artistic practice and to give a more detailed description of the project idea. This is to be done by providing documentation. The personal project idea forms the basis for the independent work (degree work) of the students who are accepted.

The admissions group takes a decision based on an overall assessment of the applicant's merits, artistic project idea and performative skills.

To Work With a Project Shared by Several

It is possible to apply for the programme with a project that is, for example, related to other applicants' projects or which is part of a work outside the school. Perhaps you belong to a group where several people are interested in applying for our programme or you have a project idea that is part of the work of others.
Note that you are applying for the programme as an individual, and as a student you will be examined in the different courses and in the education as a whole based on your own work.


Eligibility and selection

Entry requirements

An artistic bachelor's degree, or equivalent, as well as the theoretical knowledge and skills that are being examined at the entrance examination. Professional experience in theatre, physical performance, live art, art performance, dance, musical drama or sound art is a requirement. In addition, language skills equivalent to English B / English 6 are required.


Selection of eligible applicants is based upon entrance tests.

Tuition fees

Students with citizenship in countries not within the EU/EEA, or Switzerland, are required to pay application and tuition fees for university studies in Sweden. 

Alternative premises

In the coming years, major changes await the Academy of Music and Drama. Parts of our building Artisten will undergo renovation, and according to a proposal, other parts will be demolished to make room for a completely new building that will house both the Academy of Music and Drama and and HDK-Valand, placing the entire Faculty for Fine Applied and Performing Arts adjacent to Götaplatsen. The decision is expected from Rektor and the faculty's Dean by the beginning of 2021.  

This construction process means that the Academy of Music and Drama will move its operations to several different premises, hence avoiding disturbance from by the construction work. With a few exceptions, these premises will all be located in central Gothenburg and be specially adapted to the business. The relocation is expected to take place in the summer of 2022. This means that those planning to study at the Academy of Music and Drama in the autumn semester of 2022 will begin their studies in premises other than the Artist.

The move in to the new premises will be done in steps, during the summers of 2024, 2025 and 2026.

Photo: Tham & Videgård Arkitekter