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Bird's eye view of Artisten building
Photo: Göran Olofsson

Our facilities

The Academy of Music and Drama conducts most of its activities in its own premises in the Artisten building, located near Näckrosdammen in central Gothenburg, within walking distance of several large cultural institutions as well as HDK-Valand and the Faculty of Humanities. Among other things, the building accommodates theatres, concert stages, recording studios, workshops, rehearsal rooms, classrooms and a library. The department also conducts activities in a number of other localities in and around Gothenburg.

Video (2:42)
Tour through some of our venues

Rentals spring semester 2021

The University of Gothenburg contributes to slowing down the spread of covid-19 disease and does this, among other things, by limiting the number of people in our premises. As the Academy of Music and Drama has a large proportion of practical educations where attendance in the building is required both during lessons and outside of the curriculum, our Head of Academy Petra Frank has decided not to rent out our premises to external parties in order to prioritize our students and their access to the building.

We look forward to continued collaborations in the future.