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The Department of Social Work

Students at the University of Gothenburg

Welcome to the Department of Social Work! We offer the Bachelor of Science Programme in Social Work, which has one of the highest numbers of applicants in Sweden.

Studies in social work focus on socially vulnerable people, their living conditions and their experiences. Our research aims to understand and explain social phenomena and problems at the individual level, group level and structural level, with the purpose to create possibilities for change!

Our PhD programme

Doctoral studies allow you to develop a deeper understanding of a scientific field of study and are provided free of charge in Sweden.

Open seminars and events

Researcher Wednesday

On Wednesdays, you can take part in the latest research at our open research seminars.

Doctoral seminars

During the doctoral program, each student, doctoral student, presents his work on three occasions: the planning seminar, the intermediate seminar and the final seminar. Then there is the defense, the seminar in which the doctoral student presents his thesis (research project) for an audience and review.

Doctoral seminars are generally held on Wednesdays between 10:15 and 12:00. Local is the Pilen unless otherwise specified.

Higher seminary

The seminars are a central forum for scientific conversation. Here, invited guests, the department's researchers and doctoral students present their research. The purpose is to discuss relevant research questions that drive research forward.

Higher seminars are generally held on Wednesdays between 13:15-15:00. Local is the Pilen unless otherwise specified.