University of Gothenburg

School of Public Administration


The School of Public Administration at University of Gothenburg is a leading Swedish academic community of students, alumni, practitioners, faculty, and staff, developing and disseminating multidisciplinary knowledge about Public Administration and its environment.

We offer undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and courses specializing in public management and administration. The department is currently the only one of its kind in Swedish academia.

Faculty members engage in a wide range of research activities, as well as collaboration with the surrounding community. We specialize in a range of policy approaches, including public policy, policy transfer, policy planning issues and discourses of policymaking. We also specialize in how public sector organizations manage to achieve their goals. A further important focus of our work is evaluation and accounting in public organizations.

We actively engage in dissiminating our research to both private and public partners. Our research is regularly financed by national and international funding agencies and we publish in the leading international journals and academic presses across the broad field of public administration.

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