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University of Gothenburg

Notice of admission for the spring of 2021

To help slow down the spread of COVID-19, the department has changed all campus-based courses to distance learning during the spring semester of 2021. Exceptions may occur and conditions may change during the later part of the semester. Therefore, always make sure to check what applies to your course by referring to the information available on the course page on the learning platform Canvas (see further instructions below).

Start of the spring semester

The official start date for the spring semester is January 18. However, this may vary so kindly search for exact starting date for your courses by using the Canvas learning platform. 


Information about studying at the university 

 Via the Student Portal, you can get access to services and information concerning your everyday life as a student at the University of Gothenburg. This is also where you can find information which may be relevant to you as a new student. 

 Students with disabilities can receive special educational support. For more information about resources available to you please visit Students with disabilities 


Information about course / program start 

 If you have been accepted to a course or program, you will receive a welcome letter from the department via e-mail. This will be sent to you sometime during week 52. The letter contains a link to Canvas (University of Gothenburg's learning platform) where you will find schedules and literature lists, as well as information about registration. 

 Notice! Make sure to check your spam folder if you have not received a welcome letter by the time indicated above. 


Registration takes place between 11-12 January for courses starting 18 January (period 1) and 18-19 March for courses starting 25 March (period 2). 

 Note that registration is mandatory - if you do not register, you risk losing your place! 

 You can read more about specific courses / programs via Canvas public pages. Search for your course using the course code andclick on your course. In the upper left corner there is a course overview, here you’ll find the course syllabus, the literature list and the course schedule. 

Study Counceling

Study Counseling