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Ester Herlin-Karnell


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Vasagatan 1
41124 Göteborg
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40530 Göteborg

About Ester Herlin-Karnell

I am a Professor of EU law (with a specialization in EU criminal law). My main research interests lie in the area of EU constitutional law, EU security regulation, EU criminal law & market regulation, constitutional law theory and political theory. I was previously a Professor of EU Constitutional Law and Justice and a University Research Chair at VU University Amsterdam where I was the co-director and founder of the Centre for European Legal Studies (2009-2019). I hold a DPhil in law from Somerville, College Oxford, an LLM from King’s College London and a Jur Kand from Stockholm University.

I have been a visiting fellow at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Uppsala University School of Law, New York University (Emile Noël Fellow), Michigan University Law School, European University Institute, WZB Berlin Centre for Global Constitutionalism, the Global Trust Centre at Tel Aviv University, Haifa University Minerva Centre for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions and at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law. I have also been a visiting professor at the Global Law programme at Haifa University where I gave a specialized course on the EU Area of Freedom, Security and Justice in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

I have written three monographs: The Constitutional Structure of the European Area of Freedom, Security and Justice and the Right to Justification (Hart publishing 2019), Market Manipulation and Insider Trading (Hart publishing 2019 with N Ryder) and The Constitutional Dimension of European Criminal Law (Hart publishing 2012).

I have also co-edited several edited volumes and special journal issues. Most recently I co-edited Constitutionalism Justified: Rainer Forst in Discourse (with Matthias Klatt and assistant editor Hector Morales Zúniga, Oxford University Press 2019). This volume discusses Rainer Forst’s theory of the right to justification from legal-philosophical and constitutional-theoretical perspectives.

I am currently working on several new projects, inter alia, an edited volume (with Enzo Rossi) entitled 'From constitutionalism to war: the public uses of coercion and force' (with particular reference to Arthur Ripstein’s new work on Kant and the law of war), forthcoming with Oxford University Press 2021.

For a publication list, please see my CV. A University of Gothenburg presentation of some of my research is available here. For an interview in connection with my professorship see this link (in Swedish).

On other web sites

Research areas

  • EU criminal law, AFSJ law
  • EU constitutional law
  • Constitutional theory & political theory

Teaching areas

Current teaching:

  • EU constitutional law (specialized course)
  • Criminal law
  • Legal theory
  • EU law

Selected publications

Constitutionalism Justified - Rainer Forst in Discourse (Oxford University Press 2019, edited volume) Herlin-Karnell, Ester, Klatt, Matthias

The Constitutional Structure of Europe’s Area of “Freedom, Security and Justice ” and the Right to Justification, Hart publishing 2019 Herlin Karnell, Ester

Market manipulation and insider trading: regulatory challenges in United States of America, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Hart publishing 2019 Herlin Karnell, Ester, Ryder, Nicholas

The Constitutional Dimension of European Criminal Law, Hart Publishing 2012 Herlin-Karnell, Ester

What is Wrong with Human Trafficking. Critical Perspectives on the Law (Hart publishing 2018, edited volume)Haverkamp, Rita, Herlin-Karnell, Ester, Lernestedt, Claes

The European Union as an Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (Routledge 2016, edited volume).Fletcher, Maria, Herlin-Karnell, Ester, Matera, Claudio

"The Domination of Security and the Promise of Justice: On Justification and Proportionality in Europe’s “Area of Freedom, Security and Justice”, Transnational Legal Theory (2017), 79 Herlin Karnell, Ester

"On constitutional law parameters and EU Security regulation" Boston University International Law Journal (online issue 2018/2019) Herlin Karnell, Ester

"Prosecuting EU Financial Crimes: The European Public Prosecutor’s Office in Comparison to the US Federal Regime" (2018) vol 19 German Law Journal 1191-1220, Herlin-Karnell, Ester and Gómez-Jara Díez, Carlos.

“The Politics of EU law and the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice” chapter in PJ Cardwell & M-P Granger, (eds) Handbook on the Politics of EU Law (Edward Elgar 2020), Herlin Karnell, Ester.