University of Gothenburg
Bild på cyklister vid ett övergångsställe.
Photo: Nomadic Julien


Consumption generates mobility and vice versa. The theme "Mobility" focuses on the relationship between cities, mobility/logistics and consumption patterns, and a central question is how a better understanding of these can generate knowledge about sustainable urban living.

The mobility theme started in 2010 in an interdisciplinary collaboration between the University of Gothenburg and Université de Toulouse II in France, where researchers developed common starting points for the study of consumer logistics under the broader theme of mobility.

Sociocultural dimensions influence everyday consumption logistics and constitute important analytical perspectives in understanding how and why mobility and consumption patterns look the way they do today. As well as how we might be able to change them in the future.

Socio-cultural dimensions influence the logistics of everyday consumption and provide important analytical perspectives

Future consumption logistics is a "case study" in itself in the theme of mobility and serves as a sounding board for our researchers to discuss research results with representatives of industry, local government and politics, thereby deepening the relationship between scientific research and practitioners in the field.