University of Gothenburg

CFF-AP2 Conference November 9, 2017

CFF-AP2 conference Nov 9, 2017 Welcome to a conference on November 9, arranged by the Second National Pension Fund - AP2 - and the Centre for Finance - CFF. Please register here. E45, Vasagatan 1, School of Business, Economics and Law CFF-AP2 Conference November 9, 2017; "Incentives, Talent, Culture and Risk-Taking in the Finance Industry". Although the finance sector is one of the most important and biggest industries worldwide – its share of GDP has increased from an average of 3% to about 9% over the past 50 years in major Western economies – the behavior, preferences and personal characteristics of its main protagonists (i.e., fund managers, traders, brokers) have until recently barely been investigated. This conference will bring academics and practitioners together to discuss some recent findings related to the behavior and culture within the finance industry.