Politics in Education

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The Department of Education and Special Education, University of Gothenburg

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About the research group

In the Politics of Education (PoP in Swedish) research group we study political aspects of educational phenomena. Our research is rooted in traditions in education research like curriculum theory, comparative education, and analyses of educational processes and education systems. Such traditions are continuously being further developed, and the POP group, with its special focus, aims to bring renewal and greater breadth to the field.

We work with issues regarding how educational systems are created and transformed and with the ramifications of this for society and citizens. We attempt to understand governance and control of educational processes and what consequences this entails for people and institutions. In PoP we are also interested in what we call educational technologies, that is, methods, models, or other tools for dealing with learning within and outside the world of schools and education. By directing our attention towards these areas, and the conceptions and ideas that surround and are embodied in them, we make it possible to study how knowledge and learning processes are conveyed, disseminated, and reproduced with political impacts and functions.