Forskning om sociala rörelser
Protester, Hong Kong (2019) - Unsplash, Joseph Chan

Civil Society, Social Movement and Resistance Research: CSM-RESIST

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2000 - ongoing
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Institutionen för Sociologi och arbetsvetenskap

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With around 15 researchers studying different forms of social movements, the Department is one of the leading research environments within the field in Europe. In order to further strengthen this research environment the Forum for Civil Society and Social Movement Research (CSM) was formed in 2011. The CSM’s aim is to develop and deepen our understanding of social movements and social change.

A social movement is a form of organized collective action aiming for, or resisting, social change. Examples of social movements that have played important roles in shaping modern societies – and which are still active – are the Labor Movement, the Women’s Movement, the Environmental Movement and the Peace Movement. Since the turn of the millennium new movements have emerged, some of them with significant influence on societal developments. Examples of these are the Global Justice Movement, the Arab Spring, the Indignados Movement and Occupy. We have also seen the emergence of new nationalist and religious movements with a neo-Conservative agenda.

The Civil Society, Social Movement and Resistance Research: CSM-RESIST is based at the Department of Sociology and Work Science, with close ties to other departments and research centers at University of Gothenburg as well as a number of international research networks. The Forum organizes seminars, workshops, conferences and co-ordinates research projects.

The Resistance Studies research adopts a critical approach to the study of various aspects of ”resistance”, and to the relationship between resistance, power and social change. The group focuses on relations of power in order to understand global social change because power is usually closely related to resistance. By honing attention to resistance it is possible to explore a multitude of action forms that expresses opposition to contemporary issues of democracy, culture, security and development. This is of particular interest for studies of the global South. In this context, research into relations of power and various aspects of action, ‘governmentality’ and biopolitics, as well as ‘everyday resistance’ by local groups and individuals are highly relevant.


Carl Cassegård
Environmentalism, precarity movement, homeless movement, Japan, public sphere
Gabriella Elgenius
Nationalism, diaspora, identity-politics and use of symbolism, migrant organisations, cultural heritage

Cecilia Löfstrand
Policing, partnerships, civilian participation in policing/voluntary policing

Christoph Haug
Organizing; globalization; meetings; decision-making; South Africa

Kerstin Jacobsson
Social movements, urban movements, animal rights activism, Central and Eastern Europe

Abby Peterson
Repression, policing protest, LGBT movements, political rituals
Lotte Schack

social movements, precarity, the climate crisis, feminist and Marxist theory, and ethnographic methods
Nathan Siegrist,
Håkan Thörn
Social change, globalization, governmentality/governance, environmental movement, urban movements

Anton Törnberg
Complexity theory, innovation and social change, free social spaces, automated text analysis, social media

Sara Uhnoo
Partnerships, civilian participation in policing/voluntary policing, distaster management/disaster volunteerism, civil society

Stellan Vinthagen
Resistance, activism, power theory, social movements, non-violent strategies of change (civil resistance)

Mattias Wahlström
Protest participation, protest policing, political violence, May Day marches, Pride parades

Cathrin Wasshede
Feminism, queer activism, cultural products, sustainable urban development, cohousing

Magnus Wennerhag
Pride parades; May Day marches; Radical left movements; Social class and protests

Åsa Wettergren
Sociology of emotions, law, politics, social movements, migration,
Emotionssociologi, rätt, politik, sociala rörelser, migration

Katarzyna Wojnicka
Men’s social movements, fathers’ rights movements, feminist activism, gender equality, European studies
Nathan Siegrist

Social movement studies, urban sociology and critical theory.