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Cathrin Wasshede

Deputy head of department

Department of Sociology and Work
Visiting address
Skanstorget 18
41122 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 720
40530 Göteborg

About Cathrin Wasshede

Presentation CATRIN WASSHEDE has a PhD in sociology and works in the Department of Sociology at the University of Gothenburg. Her dissertation, Passionate Politics: Resistance to Heteronormative Gender Power is about the way in which young left-wing political activists in Gothenburg offer resistance to dominating norms around gender and sexuality. Questions that are raised are: What are they resisting? What alternatives are presented? What strategies do they use? What happens when ideals are not easily transformed into practice? Cathrin Wasshede shows that resistance is always practised within existing orders and that resistance cultures involve new orders. The passionate politics that the activists perform means that boundaries are displaced and that new possibilities arise. The public defence was held on 9 April 2010.

Specialist Fields Her research interests are gender and sexuality, resistance and social movements.

Current research During the period 2010 - 2012 she will be participating in a research project called ”The inner city as public sphere: Urban transformation, social order and social change”, where she will be focusing on sustainable urban development and urban citizenship from the perspectives of gender, sexuality, family and social sustainability. For more details about the research project, see Håkan Thörn.

Co-housing and sustainable urban development ”Cohousing and sustainable urban development”. Financed by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond 2014-2017.

The aim of the project is to explore to what extent experiences of cohousing can contribute to the knowledge about social and ecological sustainability. The project consists of four case studies about different forms of cohousing in Denmark, Germany, Spain and Sweden.

The futures of genders and sexualities ”The futures of genders and sexualities: cultural products, transnational spaces and emerging communities”. Financed by Vetenskapsrådet 2015-2019.

The project will follow three cultural products: the veil as connected to religion, the rainbow flag connected to liberalism, progression and secularism, and manga, with its references to Buddhism, Christian iconography and mythic figures, as a postsecular phenomenon. The aim is to study role of the cultural products in the creation of transnational communities of belonging that affirm, resist or transform norms around gender and sexuality. By seeing these cultural products as performative forces, entangled in norms, emotions, artefacts and political subjects, we will shed light on new possible communities in a multifaceted civil society.

Teaching and tutoring Cathrin Wasshede’s special competence in teaching and supervising is within feminist theory, queer theory, resistance and postcolonial theory, but she also teaches in courses concerning for example modernity, exclusion/inclusion, and social psychology as well as different courses within the Teacher Education Programmes.

Miscellanious Cathrin is a member of the programme-council for Preschoolteacher education.

Selected publications Wasshede, Cathrin (2010) Passionerad Politik. Om motstånd mot heteronormativ könsmakt. Malmö: Bokbox Förlag

Wasshede, Cathrin (2005) ”Skägg och kjol? Unga aktivistmän om maskulinitet och femininitet”, i Johansson, Thomas (red), Manlighetens omvandlingar. Ungdom, sexualitet och kön i heteronormativitetens gränstrakter. Göteborg: Daidalos

Wasshede, Cathrin (2006) ”Motståndspraktiker – unga aktivister i närkamp med heterosexualitet”, i Sandell, Kerstin & Mulinari, Diana (red), Feministiska interventioner. Berättelser om och från en annan värld. Stockholm: Atlas

Wasshede, Cathrin (2010, forthcoming) ”Skägg och kjol på Avenyn”, i Holgersson, H., Thörn, C., Thörn, H. & Wahlström, M. (red), Göteborg: studier av en stad i förändring. Göteborg: Glänta Produktion

Wasshede, Cathrin (2010, forthcoming) ”Beard and skirt – gender bending in public space”, i Holgersson, H., Thörn, C., Thörn, H. & Wahlström, M. (eds), (Re-)Searching Gothenburg. Göteborg: Glänta Produktion Glänta Produktion

Articles in popular science journals Wasshede, Cathrin (2001) ”Avvikande könstolkning”, i Lambda Nordica, nr. 4, vol 7

Wasshede, Cathrin (2008) ”Fotboll, falukorv och öl? Om motsägelsefulla maskulinitetspositioner i den utomparlamentariska vänstern”, i Fronesis, nr. 25-26