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University of Gothenburg
Black Lives Matter
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Seminars on Civil Society, Social Movements and Resistance Research

The Research Group organises seminars and workshops with the aim of developing and deepening the understanding of social movements, resistance and social change. Throughout the 2010s, scholars from international and Swedish universities have been invited to present their latest work. The seminars are open to anyone interested in these topics.


-  Important! The seminars are digital during 2020. Please send a password request to the organisers in order to join the seminars online - 

Thursday 17 September 
at 16.15-18 (please note change of time!)

Title: The 21st Century Revolution: Radical Climate Justice, Intersectional Ecosocialism, and Cosmic Activism
Speaker: John Foran, UCLA, Santa Barbara
Digital Zoom Link

Thursday 8 October
Title: "We will occupy until the next election!” – Sollefteå Hospital and public healthcare restructuring - Book Seminar
Speaker: Desirée Enlund, Umeå University
Digital Zoom Link

Thursday 15 October
at 13.15-16 (please note change of time!)
Title: The 2019 global protest wave: Lebanon, Hong Kong and Chile

Speaker: Carmen Geha, American University of Beirut
Lebanon’s Ongoing October Revolution: Mobilization, Confrontation, and the Path for Political Transformation 

Speaker: Edmund Cheng, City University Hong Kong:
Abeyance networks and leaderful protest structure: Reflections on the Anti-extradition Bill Movement in Hong Kong

Speaker: Nicolás Somma, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile:
Chile's 2019 social outburst: long-term roots, protest dynamics and consequences

Wednesday 11 November (with the Public Seminar Series)
Title: Futures of the Revolution and the Reformation
Speaker: Elena Namli, Uppsala University
Discussant: Hjalmar Falk, University of Gothenburg

Thursday 19 November
Title: Apropos of Squatters in the Capitalist City: Theoretical issues in the analysis of urban movements. Structures, contention, and outcomes
Speaker: Miguel Martines Lopes, Uppsala University

Thursday 3 December
Contemporary Housing Struggles: a Structural Field of Contention Approach
Speakers: Ioana Florea, Agnes Gagyi and Kerstin Jacobsson, University of Gothenburg

About the Seminars

Welcome to this seminar series to be held online on Thursdays at 13.15-15, if not stated otherwise. When public gatherings are allowed the seminars will be held at the Department of Sociology and Work Science, room F417, Skanstorget 18, Gothenburg.

Seminars will be held in English unless otherwise noted.