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Våra doktorander har genom åren bidragit till banbrytande och spännande forskning inom ett brett spektra av fysikinriktningar. Nedan följer en fullständig lista över alla personer som genomgått forskarutbildning och försvarat sina avhandlingar vid Institutionen för fysik.


Foto: Malin Arensson


Måns Wallner 2024-04-26
Formation and Decay of Multiply-Charged Molecules upon Single-Photon Excitation” 

Julia Karls 2024-04-25
Binding Energies and Lifetimes in Negative Ions


Laura Pérez García 2023-10-12
Advanced methods for the calibration of optical tweezers

Annie Ringvall Moberg 2023-05-05
Spectroscopy of Stable and Radioactive Negative Ions

Anshuman Dubey 2022-02-14
Dynamics of particles in fluids: effects of correlations and interactions

Johan Fries 2022-02-09
Mixing and Evaporation at the Cloud Edge and Angular Dynamics of Small Crystals in Viscous Flow

Foto: Malin Arensson


Pontus Andersson 2009-05-29
Laser Photodetachment of Negative Ions - Fundamental Research and Applications

Emma Eriksson 2009-04-29
Towards quantitative single cell analysis using optical tweezers and microfluidics

Peter Klason 2008-06-03
Zinc Oxide Bulk and Nanorods

Vasse Chis 2008-05-23
First-Principles Studies of Surface Phonons and Electronic Properties of Clean and Alkali Covered Metals

Martin Jönsson 2007-03-23
Investigations of Plasma-Enhanced CVD Growth of Carbon Nanotubes and Potential Applications

Foto: Malin Arensson
Foto: Malin Arensson


Zachary Ghadir Chiragwandi 2006-06-05
Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Electrochemical Devices

Petter Linde 2005-11-08
Quantum Scattering of Atoms and Molecules from Low-Index Copper Surfaces

Martin Hedén 2005-05-27
Optical Excitation and Decay Dynamics of Fullerenes

Rainer Heise 2005-05-27
Application of Matrix Models and Spin Chains to Gauge Theories

Jaeuk Kim 2005-04-26
Nonequilibrium Transport in Quantum Wires

Syargey Prasalovich 2005-05-27
Properties of Rare Gas Clusters and Cluster-Surface Impact