Fredrik Bondestam


Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research
Postal address
Box 709
40530 Göteborg

About Fredrik Bondestam


I'm an Associate Professor in Sociology at Uppsala University and currently the Director of the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research at the University of Gothenburg, including NIKK on assignment of the Nordic Council of Ministers. My research covers organisational change in higher education and research, feminist pedagogy, gender-based violence and harassment, risk and masculinities, and gender mainstreaming in theory and practice. As senior research leader at the Center for Gender Research, Uppsala University, I developed pioneering gender perspectives on the management, governance and organisation of higher education. I've also managed government assignments on gender mainstreaming in SE 2016-2017, and currently participates in several EU-funded Horizon2020 projects on gender-based violence in ERA.

Assignments (a selection)

  • SE National Expert, EU, ERA Action 5 sub-group on gender equality, 2023-03-15—
  • SE National Expert, EU, ERAC SWG GRI, 2019-01-01—2022-06-30
  • SE National Expert, EU, SiS-net, expert group for Swafs, H2020, 2015-09-01—
  • Member, SE Government's Collaborative Group for SEs Work on Gender Equality in ERA 2016-01-01—2017-12-31
  • Member, SE Government's Expert Group on Gender Equality in HEI, under Minister of Research and Higher Education 2015-05-01—2018-06-30

EU-projects (a selection)