Maja Lundqvist


Swedish Secretariat for Gender
Postal address
Box 709
40530 Göteborg

About Maja Lundqvist

Current role

I work as an analyst with a particular focus on issues of sexual harassment and violence, in working life in general and specifically in academia. Currently, I mainly work within three projects. One is as co-editor of the book Re-imagining Sexual Harassment: Perspectives from the Nordic Region, an anthology on sexual harassment and violence in the Nordics, which is published by Policy Press, part of Bristol University Press. In addition, I work in the EU project GenderActionplus, where I, together with colleagues, design and explore the work against sexual harassment in academia in the European Research Area, focusing on intersectional perspectives and on the role of research funding organisations. Finally, in 2023 I am responsible for the completion of a Nordic research funding initiative, where five projects have received research funds to develop knowledge about sexual harassment in Nordic working life.

Co/author in the following publications:

· Re-imagining Sexual Harassment: Perspectives from the Nordic Region, 2023, Bristol University Press

· Sexual Harassment in the Research and Higher Education Sector: National Policies and Measures in EU Member States and Associated Countries, 2020, European Research Area and Innovation Committee, ERAC

· Sexual harassment in higher education – a systematic review, 2020, European Journal of Higher Education

· Efforts to prevent sexual harassment in academia, 2019, Swedish Council for Higher Education

· Sexual harassment in academia - an international research review, 2018, Swedish Research Council


Collaboration is an integral part of the secretariat's work. I collaborate with actors on both the international, European, Nordic and national arena. For example with the research environment AESHI in Kenya/Tanzania, national authorities in Sweden such as the Discrimination Ombudsman (DO) and the Swedish Research Council, Nordic researchers and writers as well as the British publisher Bristol University Press, within the framework of the work on the anthology Re-imagining Sexual Harassment: Perspectives from the Nordic Region. In addition to this, our European work involves a large measure of collaboration with both national actors in each European country and with overall European actors such as the EU Commission.