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The 25th Nordic Conference in the Sociology of Religion

Religious Organisation(s) - challenges and changes in contemporary society.

Registration for the conference will begin 20 april.

In today’s globalised and fast changing society, religious organisation and religious organisations face several challenges. Globalization, migration and different secularisation processes, together with political, technological and environmental changes/issues, influence, not only society in general, but also religious organisations and the ways in which religion is practiced and expressed in contemporary society.

This situation prompts questions such as: How do religious organisations handle an influx of new members from other parts of the world and at the same time, an increased loss of members who have been there for a long time? How do religious organisations react to new technology such as digital communication instead of face-to-face interaction, and web-broadcasted religious meetings?

Other questions of interest are for example: how do religious groups and organisations handle the late modern individual who has little need of belonging to religious groups, and who is sceptical of religious authority? And, on the other hand, how can we explain why late modern individuals choose to belong to conservative and fundamentalist religious groups?

These, and other, questions concerning how religion is organised in contemporary society will be addressed at the 25th NCSR conference, which will finally be held in Gothenburg 17th-19th August 2022, including a pre-conference for doctoral students in the morning of the 17th August.

We are happy to announce the following distinguished keynotes for the conference:

• Professor Masooda Bano, Department of International Development, University of Oxford, UK
• Professor Mitsutoshi Horii, Shumei University, Japan, and Principal, Chaucer College Canterbury, UK (will be delivered through Zoom)
• Professor Detlef Pollack, Department of Sociology, University of Münster, Germany

We look forward to seeing you in Gothenburg,

Magdalena Nordin,
Daniel Enstedt,
Fredrik Portin (conference secretary), 
Mia Lövheim,
Martha Middlemiss Lé Mon,
Christoffer Tidelius (pre-conference doctoral students):

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  • Call for papers 21 Feb – 15 Apr
  • Registration 20 Apr – June 15


Fredrik Portin
Conference secretary