University of Gothenburg

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We offer a broad range of courses in Comparative Literature, Theatre Studies, the History of Ideas and Science, and Religious Studies and Theology. Students who intend to become teachers of Swedish or religion also undertake parts of their education at the department.

Our courses and educational programmes offer education and humanistic competencies that are rewarding regardless of one’s chosen professional path. They are intended for those of you who are considering a career within the cultural or information sector, are interested in occupational fields related to issues of diversity and integration, who wish to become a minister in the Church of Sweden or pastor of other congregations.

Here you have the freedom to create your own educational route which in the first cycle (undergraduate level) leads to the Bachelor’s degree (BA) and in the second cycle (postgraduate level) either to the One-Year Master’s degree or Two-Year Master’s degree. These educational programmes also prepare one for research careers within the respective main field of study.

Most of our courses are in Swedish and a good knowledge of the Swedish language is therefore a prerequisite for admission to these courses. But the department offers courses in History of Ideas as well as Religious studies and Theology at the advanced level (Second Cycle) in English. We also have an international Master's Programme in Theology.