University of Gothenburg

Doctoral Studies

The department's postgraduate education covers a wide field in the humanities and offers a lively and stimulating research environment in contact with both the academic and the outside world, nationally and internationally.

Research Programme Subjects

Our postgraduate subjects are Comparative Literature, History of Ideas and Religious Studies including Theology. Within the framework of literary studies, it is also possible to do a doctorate with a focus on theatre studies. In all three subjects, we accept doctoral students in the humanities with a focus on educational science in collaboration with the research school CUL (Centre for educational science and teacher research).

The Education

The goal of the doctoral education is to develop broad knowledge in the research subject and specialist knowledge in the part of the research area that the thesis focuses on – as well as skills to be able to independently and effectively pursue a career as a researcher and university teacher or fill other roles in society that require in-depth knowledge in combination with good skills in analysis, interpretation, project work and communication.

The education towards the doctoral degree is four years (240 higher education credits) and mainly consists of preparing a doctoral thesis which is examined at a public defence. The equivalent of one year consists of postgraduate courses (60 higher education credits), which are specified in more detail in the general syllabus for each subject. Participation in seminars and other types of academic exchange at the department and in national and international contexts is also included.

Admission to the Doctoral Programme

More details about general outcomes, content, admission, and eligibility can be found in the general syllabus for each subject. See also the information and rules and regulations for doctoral studies at the University of Gothenburg and the Faculty of Humanities.

All doctoral students at the department are recruited in competition through recurring open announcements. This also applies to doctoral positions that are financed with external funds or through external employment. See current announcements under 'About us'.