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University of Gothenburg

For schools

At Kristineberg Marine Research Station we offer guided tours of our research activities as well as excursions with research vessel. We have some possibilities to admit and supervise pupils and students.

Due to the corona pandemic, we cannot receive school classes or other visitor groups at the moment.

Guided Tour

At Kristineberg there are activities all year, and we welcome school classes for a guided tour of the research activities conducted by permanent research staff and visiting scientists from all over the world. The tour take count of previous knowledge and interests of the visiting group. The tour can consist of seeing ongoing current research, as well as much of the special equipment used by Kristineberg scientists.

The tour lasts 1.5 hour.

It is also possible to book coffee or lunch in conjunction with the tour. We offer the tours workdays daytime, but if agreed upon groups can also visit during evenings and weekends.

Fees, 1.5 Guided Tour

per group, excl. 25% VAT
workday daytime: 1500 SEK for a group up to 20 persons, then 75 SEK/person

Research Vessel Excursion

All year there are possibilities for visiting school classes to book a research vessel excursion from Kristineberg. Maximum group size is 12 persons.

Excursion with research vessel Oscar von Sydow can consist of several parts. Participants discover stratification through measurements of salinity and temperature at different depths. With a Secchi disc participants also measure turbidity of the water, which is a rough measure of the plankton density. The group can also use water samplers and collect phyto- or zooplankton with different plankton nets. With bottom grab or dredge we collect algae and animals from the bottom.

Activity length is 2 hours.

Fee, Research Vessel Excursion

per group, excl. 25% VAT
incl. marine biology guide
workday daytime: SEK 1600 per hour