University of Gothenburg
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Healthcare of the future: Digitalisation and AI

We specify the research within the area of digitalisation and AI.

  • How does digitalisation (decision support for caregivers / patients, digital contact channels, and digital triage, etc.) affect who requests care, who receives care, and its outcome?
  • How do compensation and resource allocation models affect the use of digital resources in the care offer and care consumption?
  • How can digitalisation contribute to administrative routines in healthcare being increasingly perceived as supportive of activities?
  • How is the digitization strategy implemented - the implementation process, forms of accountability and effects on the management of future care?
  • What are the characteristics of skills needed in medical professions that are undergoing a digital transformation and that use AI as part of their professional work?
  • Person-centered and data-driven care - the emergence of new ways of working and its effects to put the patient's needs at the center
  • Changed legal norms and legal issues in digitalized care:
  • How does the digitalisation of care affect which legal norms, in the practical care work, are used and how they are   used (and by whom)?
  • What new legal issues arise through the digitalisation of healthcare - and for whom do these issues arise?