University of Gothenburg

Sustainable HRM and Working-Life Practices Conference 2024

Welcome to the Sustainable HRM and Working-Life Practices Conference, an international and interdisciplinary conference held on June 17–19, 2024, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The main organizers of the conference are the Centre for Global HRM (CGHRM) and the Forum for Work Life Research (FALF), with the support of other research centers in the field of work life at the University of Gothenburg: AgeCap/Lexliv, the SDG8 Initiative, and WE-Work & Employment.

The conference explores the conditions, circumstances, and practices that create sustainable and healthy workplaces and organizations with the potential to attract, retain, and motivate today's and tomorrow's workforce. How can organizations meet the demands and expectations of the younger generation while also encouraging older employees to stay and contribute with their productivity? Are new practices needed, and if so, what should they look like? These questions are numerous and complex, which is why we invite researchers from various disciplines with different methodological and theoretical approaches to participate in this exciting and important discussion.


If you have any questions or need further information about the conference, please contact us at [] or visit our website for continuous updates.