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About us

The overarching vision of the Centre for Global HRM (CGHRM) is to strengthen Swedish competitiveness by contributing to research and development in work policy and a sustainable and balanced working life.

In 2012, private and public sector representatives and academia agreed to establish the Centre for Global HRM at the University of Gothenburg. The Centre’s activities are financed by academic, private and public organizations.

The Centre acts as a knowledge hub and meeting place for scholars and professionals in HRM and has the following goals:

  • To strengthen Swedish HRM research through broad collaborations on local, national and global levels,
  • To be a knowledge bank on HRM issues on local, national and global levels,
  • To initiate, develop and advance relevant HRM research and development in dialogue with the private and public organisations,
  • To contribute to and advance personnel policies at Swedish companies and organizations through research on management/leadership, 
  • To communicate research results in order to contribute to balanced and sustainable development of the working life on local, national and global levels.
  • Seed money. The Centre advertises seed money, "planning grants", aiming to enable researchers to develop their applications for funding from research councils. Researchers who receive seed money are expected to attend seminars and workshops in order to disseminate research contributions.
  • Doctoral student collaboration. The possibility for collaborations between academia and private and public organisations is currently being investigated. This could benefit the field of HRM, as well as the exchange of knowledge between academia and private and public organisations.

Activites at the Centre for Global HRM 

  • Seminars and workshops. The Centre organises a number of seminars on HRM-related topics. The seminars has grown to be very popular among scholars and professionals and work as a meeting place on HRM for academia, private and public organisations. 
  • International Interdisciplinary Conference on HRM. The Centre hosts the second round of its international conference in Gothenburg 3-5 April 2019. 
  • Sweden's first professor in HRM. The process of establishing Sweden's first professorship in HRM is ongoing in 2018-2019. This establishment aims to strengthen the research environment around HRM in Sweden.

CGHRM initiators

The following organisations and individuals have been particularly involved in the creation of the Centre for Global HRM.

Academic organisations

Department of Business Administration, the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg

  • Ola Bergström
  • Freddy Hällstén
  • Per Thilander

Department of Sociology and Work Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Gothenburg

  • Jan Carle
  • Linda Corin
  • Kristina Håkansson
  • Annika Härenstam
  • Ylva Ulfsdotter Eriksson

External Relations, the School of Business, Economics and Law

  • Ingela Palmgren

Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science (Kungliga Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademien, IVA)

  • Magnus Breidne
  • Gunn Johansson
  • Hampus Lindh
  • Kjell Svensson
  • Torgny Wännström

Public organisations

Region Västra Götaland, Health and Stress Medicine

  • Gunnar Ahlborg

Private organisations and persons

AB Volvo:
Marianne Zingmark
Kjell Svensson, former personnel director, AB Volvo

Cecilia Hallengren

HR Performance Sweden AB:
Annica Fornäs

Petra Stergel

Peter Elmfeldt

The Swedish Association of HRM:
Zorica Bodiroza