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Doctoral students

CGHRM aims to increase the number of active researchers in HRM in order to strengthen research and to increase the number of HR specialists with postgraduate education. Doctoral students are an essential part of building such an environment and achieving this goal!

Doctoral student project: Ideals and practice around HRT

Doctoral student Agneta Häll, with a long career within the field of human resources as both a manager and HR consultant.

Agneta examines the implementation of Human Resource Transformation at a large international company. Key aspects of the project are:

How does the HRT model work in practice?

Change in the HR function's working methods and occupational status as a result of HRT

Ideals and practice around the HR Business Partners' professional role


Doctoral student project: System-wide change in connection with the implementation of a new information system for care

Doctoral student Mimmi Kheddache Jendeby, strategist within VGR with a focus on issues related to organizational culture. Mimmi is a collaborative doctoral student in work science at 50% funded by VGR. Her dissertation will examine important aspects of the future of healthcare information processing within Västra Götaland. The primary focus for the project is what role the implementation of a new healthcare system can play in a major system-wide change as well as how to best create conditions for "change readiness" and motivation.

Doctoral student project: The HR function's contribution to change, innovation and adaptation

Doctoral student Johanna Finnholm, with a background in HR as an HR strategist at the Västra Götaland region's service administration as well as PostNord. Johanna has a Master's degree in personnel science and investigative journalism.

The project is financed and supported by the Swedish Transport Agency.

Doctoral student project: The HR function's contribution to employee well-being

Doctoral student Nazneen Rony has experience in HR divisions within the banking and telecom industries.

Nazneen's project examines employee well-being, which is a broader concept than just well-being and good working conditions, has gained increased importance in Sweden and abroad in recent years. This thesis project studies different ways that the HR function can contribute to employee well-being either directly or through managers with personal responsibility. The project will thus be able to provide valuable knowledge about how, from an HR perspective, it is possible to work with well-being issues and what results this can lead to.

Agneta Häll
Mimmi Kheddache Jendeby
Johanna Finnholm