University of Gothenburg

Collegium for Educational leadership

The collegium for Educational Leadership is a forum for and about educational leadership, bringing researchers and practitioners together for dialogues about theoretical and practical issues of educational leadership.

We use a broad definition of educational leadership including middle-leaders, school principals, superintendents and forms of distributed leadership, aiming at developing schools. The seminars may concern educational leadership in the ‘learning organization’ or how ‘middle leadership’ is enacted.

The seminars of the collegium for Educational Leadership are intended for all who is interested in educational leadership for school development. Seminars are hosted twice each semester from 16.00 -17.30, either at Pedagogen A, Västra Hamngatan 25 in Gothenburg or as a zoom-meeting and include lectures and dialogues. The collegium has a close connection to The Principal Education, to The Research Environment School Development and Leadership and to Collaborative Projects for School Improvement. Do you want continuous information about our seminars? Put yourself on the mailing list by contacting Cecilia Hermansson.