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University of Gothenburg
The installation to study processes in the riparian zone.

Sub site F: "Forest on mineral soils (umbrisol)."

This site promote biogeochemical/physiology forest ecosystem studies in relation to global change, process modelling and remote sensing.

This forest is the first generation after afforestation, thus no roots or stumps from former forest will affect C balance studies. The soil is homogenous without any stones and on top of an impermeable clay layer. Thus, the vadose zone is drained by the diches, and there is a defined rooting depth. The site has electric power, fiber optic internet connection, boardwalks, water flow stations and a 38m tower.


Net emissions of GreenHouse Gases GHG (CO2, H2O), water matter transport and ecosystem function of the forest. The tower has EC flux instruments and two heated profile systems (one for reactive gases and one for isotope studies). The site has been intensively studied (GHG, forest production, root studies, BVO, Sap Flow etc). The abiotic and biotic program partly follows ICOS forest ecosystem station standards. The site consists of two different catchments where flow and matter is monitored. The spruce trees are 25-30 tall and will be harvested within 2 years. The “treatment” of the sub sites are not yet decided, thus the new installations of for example soil water is under discussion.

The two sub-catchments with the same soils and tree stands and one of the flow stations at the site.
The micrometeorological tower (38m)
The heated profile system (dual for reactive gasses and isotopes)
The steal container next to the tower.
The sop flow system and below canopy NDVI system