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Application to the Graduate School CUL

In partnership with the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Education and the IT Faculty at the University of Gothenburg, The Graduate School at Centre for Educational Sciences and Teacher Research at the University of Gothenburg hereby opens up for admission to third cycle studies and invites applications for doctoral studentships. Read more about the subjects in the documents Call for application and Instructions.

Applications to the Graduate School CUL opens in December 2023

In the graduate school admisson you can either apply for a doctoral studentship in the subject Humanities specialising in Educational Sciences at the Department of Swedish, Multilingualism, Language Technology, or as an externally funded doctoral student (with your salary paid by your employer) in any of the other offered subjects.

Welcome to presentations of the graduate school at the Centre for Educational Sciences and Teacher Research!

Are you interested in applying? For this round of admissions we offer presentations of the graduate school and its subjects.

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The Graduate School of Educational Sciences follows the regulations that apply to education at the doctoral level nationally (see the Higher Education Ordinance). 

Eligible to be admitted to the Graduate School in Educational Sciences is the person who fulfils both the conditions for basic eligibility and the conditions for special eligibility. 

Basic qualifications are: 

1. graduated at advanced level, 

2. completed course requirements of at least 240 credits, of which at least 60 credits at advanced level, or 

3. in any other way within or outside the country acquired substantially equivalent knowledge. 

For admission to doctoral programs within the framework of the graduate school CUL, a teacher's degree is required. 

For admission to a subject at the doctoral level, there may be additional requirements for special eligibility. 
See eligibility requirements under each postgraduate subject for further information