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University of Gothenburg

Within education

Knowledge Lab provides opportunities for students to develop relevant skills, both by arranging workshops and by giving access to specific equipment relevant to the courses and programmes available at the Department of Applied IT. Below are some examples of how the lab works with activities related to education.

Online teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic, great demands have been put on universities to quickly switch to online teaching. At the Department of Applied IT, Knowledge Lab has been able to contribute with solid knowledge of distance education as well as pedagogical and technical support for developing arrangements for online teaching.

Master in Communication

In the master’s programme Master in Communication, there has been a need to let students experience Virtual Reality and to receive support in different types of student projects. Here, the lab has contributed both with expertise and technology to carry out workshops and project work.

Vocational teacher education

In the Vocational Teacher Education, Knowledge Lab has been able to provide support by having an open house for the students in one of the courses. The students have been able to discuss and try technologies that might have relevance to their professions.

KPU with increased study pace

In the teacher education programme KPU (complementary pedagogical education) with increased study pace, Knowledge Lab provides support for workshops on Virtual Reality and other technologies for learning, as well as for projects within one of the courses.