University of Gothenburg

Division of Informatics

The Division of Informatics conducts applied research in relation to global challenges and the digitalization of society. We are Sweden’s strongest information systems/informatics environment, with a clear focus on academic excellence and societal value.

Here, we have leading research within (e.g.):

  • Digital innovation
  • Platforms, strategy and organizing
  • Digital government
  • Digital activism and social movements
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Surveillance and privacy

The research is conducted in a multi-disciplinary and high-quality environment with a focus on the use of digital technologies at the individual-, organizational- and societal level.

The division has a long tradition of close collaboration with practice in both the public-, NGO- and private sectors. The research is organized within the initiative on the digitalization of society, with a clear connection with the university of Gothenburg’s strategy. The division works closely with the Swedish Center for Digital Innovation.