Maria Ljungberg

Affiliated to Research

Department of Medical Radiation Sciences
Visiting address
Gula stråket su
Postal address
Su sahlgrenska
41345 Göteborg

About Maria Ljungberg

I am working as senior medical physicist at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, Diagnostic Imaging. My academic work as an associate professor is carried out at the Department of Radiation Physics, Institute of Clinical Sciences, Gothenburg University.

The goal is to develop biomarkers that can be used for very early follow-up of tumour treatment response. My area of expertise is mainly in the subject of MR physics and its application in clinical research. I have focused my research especially on method development of the functional MR techniques MR Spectroscopy, both 1H and 31P, as well as various techniques that use diffusion imaging, such as DTI, IVIM and VERDICT. recently I have also started implementing methods for measuring the sodium content in the brain. In this specific area, I lead a research group at the Department of Radiation Physics and that group includes Professor Eva Forssell-Aronsson, PhD Mikael Montelius, PhD Oscar Jalnefjord, MSc Lukas Lundholm (PhD-student) and MSc Louise Rosenqvist (PhD-student). The group's work is supported by the Swedish Cancer Society, the King Gustav V Jubilee Clinic Cancer Research Foundation and the Swedish state under the agreement between the Swedish government and the county councils, the ALF-agreement.

I also work with advanced functional MRI methods in several other clinical research areas, such as neuroradiology, psychology and metabolism.

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