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About Malin Broberg

Malin Broberg is Vice-Chancellor at the University of Gothenburg since 1 July 2023. The Vice-Chancellor is line manager, head of the public authority and the university's main representative in external contexts. The Vice-Chancellor is Chair of the University Management Council, the University Health and Safety Committee and has the overall responsibility for the working environment.

Malin Broberg was the Dean at the Faculty of Social Sciences at University of Gothenburg during the period 2018­–2023. She is a licensed clinical psychologist and became Professor in Psychology in 2013. Her research spans several areas, such as how the Swedish welfare system works for families with disabled children, how different individuals handle stress, and how brain damage affects children’s development.

Malin Broberg has primarily taught in developmental psychology, disability, and scientific method, as well as supervised students and doctoral students mainly in her own research areas.

Malin Broberg has spent periods of time abroad, mostly in the USA. From 2013 to 2016, she was research coordinator at the Region of Västra Götaland’s habilitation and health administration. For three years, she has been the Secretary of the International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IASSIDD).