Lars-Olof Johansson


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About Lars-Olof Johansson

Economic/psychology. Fairness. Political decision making. Goal conflicts.


Ba.Sc. in Economics at Göteborgs University 1983. Worked from 1983 to 1985 as an economist. Worked as a musician and part time teacher from 1986 to 1998. Also worked with physically and mentally disabled children as a teacher and assistant 1988-1997. Spent one year 1995 studying music at the Musical Acadamy in Göteborg. M.Sc. in Psychology, Göteborg University 2000. Admitted to the graduate program in psychology at Göteborg University 2000.



Research interests

Political Decision Making

Conflicts between greed, efficiency, and fairness in resource management tasks

Current research


Selected publications

Johansson, L.-O., (2005). Fairness of Allocations among Groups of Unknown Others. Social Justice Research, 18 (1), 43-61.

Johansson, L.-O., Gustafsson, M. Olsson, L. & Gärling, T. (2007). Weighing third-party fairness, efficiency, and self-interest in resource allocation decisions. Journal of Economic Psychology, 28, 53-68.

Johansson, L.-O. & Svedsäter, H. (2009). Piece of cake? Allocating rewards to third parties when fairness is costly. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 109, 107-119.

Kazemi, A. & Johansson, L.-O. (2009). Rättvisa i fördelning av sociala resurser: En socialpsykologisk forskningsöversikt. Socialvetenskaplig Tidskrift, 16, 2, 143-161

Johansson, L. O., Eek, D., Capraali, T., & Gärling, T. (2010). Managers’ Tradeoffs Between Equality and Efficiency: Preferences and Emotional Responses. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 40, 2, 473-495.