Leif Denti

Senior Lecturer

Department of
Visiting address
Haraldsgatan 1
41314 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 500
40530 Göteborg

About Leif Denti


Ph. Lic in Psychology


Instructor for (1) Swedish Group Psychology, 7.5 hp, (2) Groups in the work life, 7.5 hp

Research interests

Leadership, creativity, innovation, team processes, I/O Psychology

Current research

Leif Denti is currently doing research on team leader-team member relationships (LMX-theory) in relation to team creativity and innovation. As a doctoral student, he is financed by the VINNOVA-supported project "Chefsskap för Sverige" (PI: Prof. Stefan Tengblad, University College of Skövde). Leif Denti holds a Ph. Lic. in Psychology at the University of Gothenburg. Thesis supervisors: Professor Sven Hemlin, Professor Jan Johansson Hanse.

Selected publications

Hemlin, S., Olsson, L., & Denti, L. (2013). Creativity in R&D. In K. Thomas & J. Chan (Eds.), Handbook of research on creativity (pp. 508-521). Cheltenham: Elgar.

Denti, L., & Hemlin, S. (2013). What connects leadership and creativity? The mechanisms through which leaders may influence follower and team creativity. In S. Hemlin, C. M. Allwood, B. R. Martin, & M. D. Mumford (Eds.), Creativity and Leadership in Science, Technology and Innovation (pp. 58-80). New York, NY: Routledge.

Denti, L., & Hemlin, S. (2012). Leadership and innovation in organizations: A systematic review of factors that mediate or moderate the relationship. International Journal of Innovation Management, 16, 1-20. doi: 1142/S1363919612400075.