Laith Hussain

Senior Lecturer

School of Public Health and Community
Visiting address
Medicinaregatan 18A
41390 Göteborg
Postal address
Global hälsa och folkhälsa, Avdelningen för samhällsmedicin och folkhälsa, Box 463
40530 Göteborg

About Laith Hussain

Dr. Laith Hussain-Alkhateeb is a Senior University Lecturer at the School of Public Health and Community Medicine. He is a Global Health epidemiologist with expertise in population surveillance, health systems and policy research with specific interest in transforming standardized methods into routine policy and practice. Dr. Hussain-Alkhateeb has over 10 years of research experience in low- and middle-income countries and has participated and co-coordinated several national & international projects in the area of maternal & child health and climate change and health particularly in relation to vector-borne diseases. He has been a key member in the development and advancement of novel WHO methods such as the Early Warning And Response System for infectious diseases and in the context of global mortality ascertainment, the innovation of verbal autopsy towards routine assessment of Universal Health Coverage – moving from medical to social and health system causes of death. In his PhD supervision role, Dr. Hussain-Alkhateeb is overseeing research projects in the area of health system, register-based studies, biomarker research and global antibiotic usage in Sweden, African and Middle East.


Keywords: population surveillance; epidemiology; health system; climate change and health; environmental medicine; health policy research.

Research methods: public health surveillance, register-based, cohort, cross-sectional and survey, scoping reviews



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