Sofie Fredriksson


School of Public Health and Community Medicine
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Medicinaregatan 16
41390 Göteborg
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About Sofie Fredriksson

Licensed audiologist, graduated in 2008 from the audiology program and took a master's degree in audiology in 2011, both at the University of Gothenburg. Finished my PhD in June 2018 at Occupational and Environmental Medicine, University of Gothenburg, with the dissertation: "Hearing-related symptoms among women - Occurrence and risk in relation to occupational noise and stressful working conditions" (link).

Currently working as a researcher at Occupational and Environmental Medicine in the research group Sound Environment and Health (link). My research mainly concerns the area of ​​hearing and health in relation to noise and psychosocial stress exposure in female-dominated workplaces, particularly in preschool and health care, and touches on gender aspects in the field of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

I currently research how sound sensitivty (hyperacusis) and sound-induced auditory fatigue affects work function, through my Postdoc grant from AFA Insurance.

In addition to research, I have taught at the Bachelor programme in Audiology since 2011, mainly in audiological diagnostics and linguistics and phonetics. Today, I am involved only as a guest lecturer. I currently also work at the audiology clinic (Sahlgrenska Hospital) with hearing and balance diagnostics.

Since autumn 2021 I am elected as alternate for Behavioral Sciences in the Board of the Hearing Research Fund. The assignment mainly involves yearly assessments of research applications.

Since the summer of 2021, I have also been elected co-chair of "Team 1: Noise-induced hearing loss" within the ICBEN Executive Committee (ICBEN, the International Commission on Biological Effects of Noise (link). Each team is responsible for the congress sessions on the topic, as well as reviewing the research area between each Congress.

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