Jonas Emanuelsson

Senior Lecturer

Unit for Subject Matter Education with specialization in Mathematic
+46 31-786 22 44
Visiting address
Västra Hamngatan 25
41117 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 300
40530 Göteborg

About Jonas Emanuelsson

My research interests concerns learning, and sense making mainly in relation to classroom interaction oriented towards the domains of mathematics and science. Former, ongoing and planned work has comparative character. This interest can be divided into different comparative types, between knowledge domains, with respect to countries and between situations. Currently these interest are closely related to the following projects and net-works.

Jonas Emanuelsson is the director of CUL, Centre for Education Science and Teacher Research. For further info please visit:

The Learner's Perspective study This network of classroom researchers has since the 1990s collectively video documented "well taught" mathematics classroom in sixteen different countries with a multiple camera setup and post-lesson stimulated recall interviews with teachers and students. The work has been documented in two volumes published by Sense publishers. Two volumes are forthcoming and several are planned (further info on:

Conditions and tools for development of basic arithmetic competencies This project, funded by the Swedish Research Council, focus children's development of number sense. It has been shown that number sense and grasp of number is fundamental in the development of arithmetic competencies. The project is targeting how such competencies develop in children's everyday activities both within and outside pre-school settings. With a design based approach a computer game has been developed and children's activities in using this game are scrutinized. The design of the computer games draws on previous research. In the project analytic focus is on arithmetic as discursive activities and on the use of tools including fingers as intellectual and communicative tools. (additional info in Swedish on:

The causal connection study In this project to which I am associated as a member of an international expert panel, we study relationships between classroom instruction and students learning (financed by the Australian Research Council). Currently we are planning fieldwork of a similar design. A Swedish study will make internationally comparative research of video documented Science classrooms possible.