Daniel Arvidsson

About Daniel Arvidsson

Physical activity and health

In my employment at the Department of Food and Nutrition, and Sport Science I possess several different roles, which contributes to a very stimulating and instructive work.

I am researcher in physical activity measurement and work together with my colleagues at the Center for Health and Performance, University of Gothenburg and other unversities in several experimental, clinical and epidemiological projects. The goal is to develop better and more comprehensive measures of the individual physical activity pattern, in order to establish new and individually adapted physical activity recommendations for the first time based on objective methods. The national research project SCAPIS is an important part of this.

In addition, I am a teacher with focus on measurement methods and statistics, where the research I do really is utilized. In this way, the students are provided the optimal circumstances for learning.

As Assistant head of department for research I engage into the research development at the department, encountering many challenges, for example how to support career development of my colleagues.

The Center for Health and Performance has an important function to bring together researchers in different disciplines in order to solve research problems together. I work together with my colleagues for the development of the center. There are great opportunities in collaboration with region and industry to promote physical activity in the society and support the health care in this task. GoCo Health Innovation City ( is an environment for us to meet.