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Daniel Arvidsson


Department of Food and Nutrition and Sport
Visiting address
Skånehatan 14B
41140 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 300
40530 Göteborg

About Daniel Arvidsson

Research in physical activity measurement

Since the start of my PhD education I have worked with development, evaluation and application of sensor-based measurement of physical activity and energy expenditure.

In a collaboration between University of Gothenburg, University of Southern Denmark and the Swdish School of Sport and Health Sciences we develop new methodology for measurement of physical activity with accelerometers attached to the body, either at the waist or to the skin with our special developed patches, an algorithms to translate raw data to more accurate and useful measures. The collaboration involves experimental, clinical and epidemiological studies (e.g. SCAPIS).

In my current position at the University of Gothenburg affiliated to the Center for Health and Performance I will work for the integration of the physical activity research with teaching in our newly developed international master in sport science.