Birgitta Jordansson

Affiliated to Research

Department of Sociology and Work Science
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Skanstorget 18
41122 Göteborg
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Box 720
40530 Göteborg

About Birgitta Jordansson

Background Ph.D. in History in 1998 and employed as senior lecturer at the Department of Sociology and Work Science. I work with gender and gender equality issues related to labour, work organisations and the labour market in research, teaching and collaboration with society and organisations. A few years ago I was working in an interdisciplinary project designed to identify and analyze the current Swedish power elite. Over the past ten years I have spent much time working with evaluations and reports on gender and gender equality, for instance as a project manager for a method development project financed by VINNOVA 2005-2008. Research interest

My main research interest focuses on the Academy as an organization and as a workplace. Over the past ten years I have been occupied with issues related to changes in the academic landscape due to NPM and to academic capitalism. New steering techniques create new opportunities for professional groups. What does it mean when it comes to collegial values and what kind of impact does these changes have when it comes to opportunities for gender equality in the academy? Among other things, I have been manager for a research project focusing changes in postdoctoral education that took part in 1998 in Sweden. Sex and gender are consistently important variables. I have devoted several studies to gender and academia, with a focus on the tension between gender equality and meritocracy. I am member of the network of professional studies that was formed 2008. I am chair of the steering group of the Centre for Gender Research at Gothenburg University

Current research I am currently working on issues related to academic meritocracy and equality. The impact of new control technologies on the professional academic organization is also an area that is in focus. I am engaged in research collaboration with researchers in India. With a basis in the Network SIGN - Sweden India Gender Network - we are facilitating collaboration and research exchanges as well as method development between Sweden and India in areas related to gender, gender equality, work, leadership and health. During 2012-2013 SIGN the project – under the head of Annika Härenstam and myself - was financed by SIDA. We have a steering group with Indian and Swedish members and I am part of this group and of the operative group working in between. As an outcome of this I am also part of a research group managed by Karin Allard focusing employer branding and ethical values in different kind of organisations comparing India and Sweden. My study will take a point of departure in academic organisations in Sweden.

Teaching I am teaching at Arbetsvetarprogrammet and I am responsible for one of the courses; Changes on the Labour Market. Individual and Collective in a Globalized World. I am also lecturing at various courses in the areas of gender and equality and supervise students on different levels.

Cooperation My interaction activities concern mainly lectures in gender and gender equality. These lectures are aimed at different kinds of groups - both in private and in public management. It involves both individual lectures and seminars and lectures as part of educational efforts. They include crosscutting issues of gender and equality, and partly on activities and lectures based on the presentations of the reports I have written in these areas.