Anna Peixoto

About Anna Peixoto

Anna has been Head of the Department of Sociology and Work Science since 1st of July 2018 until March 2023. In 2014, she defended her thesis in work science "The most suitable - a study of doctoral students' habituation in the scientific field." The dissertation is about the university as a workplace and ultimately about the doctoral education, the doctoral students' working conditions and how the doctoral students are trained to become researchers.

Since 2008, Anna has worked with gender equality issues in various ways as part of the university's internal quality work. She has also been part of the national support for Gender Equality Integration of Colleges and Universities (JiHU). She has held many workshops on supervision at several universities in Sweden but alos in South Africa through the CARTA program.

In addition, Anna has taught in different areas such as, project leadership, evaluation, theory of science and work science. She was involved in developing the Work Science program, where she also was the program manager for the program, 2009-2010 and 2015-2018. Currently she is acting vice dean at the Faculty of Social Sciences.